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D- 6600S.n. 238 Year  1977
von Bozen - Italy (LIPB)  nachVielbrunn im Odenwald
Dieser Calif war vorher in Frankreich F-CEUD und dann in der Schweiz (Willing), dann bis Mai 2011in Bozen, "dem Tor zu den Dolomiten" zu Hause (Georg Tschager). Und nun ist er nach Vielbrunn im Odenwald gezogen. Segelflugplatz ( FSCM)

Die Bilder sind noch die von den Dolomiten.... die neuen werden dann noch folgen, sowie ein Statement von Peter .....

Als immer noch begeisterter Calif-Fan werde ich die Webseite weiter betreuen.

>movie CALIF-landing

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OO-YHDS.n. 208 Year 1972
before:  I-SERI, D-3117, F-CCDI
I enjoyed your pictures verry much! I'm a real Calif fan! my plane is the only registered in Belgium.

This winter (2006/7) Rob and I are planning a paintjob on the fuselage of our plane.

I have never have flown in the mountans and it's a desire I have to discover it one day. It would be fantastic to enjoy a fight in my dreamplane in a area I like to explore.

Steven Van Loven, 
Buellsteven (at)

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OO-YVH s/n 2111973
was before: HB-3243 in Swiss, this is now the second Calif in Belgium.!

Text from owner expected....

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 Meiersberg bei Düsseldorf (D) - Germany

(der ROTE) 
Wir hatten unseren Califen zu dritt im November 2005 gekauft und am 1. Januar 2006 den 1. Start   auf einer schneebedeckten Bahn.
Ich habe mir einige Umbauten vorgenommen. Die Sitzschale ist gerade (2006/07) in der Entwurfsphase und ich werde mit der Herstellung bald beginnen. 
Eine neue TEK-Düse ist auch schon an der Seitenflosse.

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F-CHPVSn. 2461981
 France - Buno
I will be happy to meet you by this web site. I'm calif owner years ago, and since the beginning I had looked for find information about Calif in general.
My Calif is the last which had been built with set of parts of last Caproni production by this fact it had some differences with standard calif released its first flight in 1991. Since it had had three owners.
Now it's my Calif. And it is based at Buno in south of Paris for 50 kms. If you want to know Buno there is the link
it's beautiful airfield in south of Paris near the Fontainebleau forest.
For this beginning of year my mince activity is to build a new trailer to replace the original trailer who was near to brake down in parts.
I hope to finish at the beginning of June and could do long ride other the country. The Calif is not easy to fit. So I create some tools to fit PV and now I can do it alone.
I joint some pictures and I will be very happy to have a little place on your web site.
my fight to Monte Rosa in connection by the meeting 2012 at Calcinate 

Fred.Dautreppe (05/2007) <>

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D-2267 Sn.230 Bj. 1976
 Deutschland - EDMK Kempten-Durach - Germany
Hallo Georg, 
deine Calif-Zusammenstellung finde ich super! Ich fliege den Calif in Kempten-Durach.
Hier ein interessanter Flugbericht:
Es war ein unbeschreibliches Erlebnis. Jeder der schon einmal versucht hat, abends Frau und Kinder mit den Eindrücken des Tages zu "überfluten", weiß dass man solche Tage mit Worten nicht beschreiben kann. Das ist für mich ein Grund, Calif zu fliegen.

Der Calif steht bei schnellem Wetter einem DUO-Discus oder einer DG 1000 wahrscheinlich nicht viel nach. Dafür ist er für einen Bruchteil des Geldes zu bekommen und der Spaß des Side-by-Side-Fliegens ist einfach unschlagbar. Alpenfliegen mit dem Calif ist das Größte! Nebeneinander sitzend lässt sich die Begeisterung verdoppeln.

Schöne Grüße 
Erik (Kurtz)

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N-210CA Sn. 210 1972
 USA  Rebuild as the Jet
Dave "Hammer" Harris and I had met a few times before, first in discussions about his beautiful BD-5J, which he flies for air shows and as a target for military fighters. When Dave mentioned that he'd have his custom Caproni A-21J in Ephrata in June, I looked forward to the opportunity to check it out.
Dave is an outstanding aviation craftsman, and he felt the jet engine installation in the original Caproni A-21Js left something to be desired. He designed, fabricated and built his own custom jet engine installation in his A-21J, and the result is a work of art.

We quickly taxied to the concrete end of the Ephrata glider launch ramp, and "pushed it up" for a nice rapid acceleration to takeoff speed. Even though the small jet only puts out about 200 pounds of thrust, we quickly established a 1500 FPM climb rate and blasted out of the local area.
The Caproni A-21J is an amazing sailplane. Most glider pilots long for the freedom of a self-launching sailplane, but when you add the "sound of freedom" of a jet engine, and the impressive launch, climb and cruise capability it affords, you definitely know you've moved up a level.

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VH-GCM s/n 223 1976
 AUSTRALIA > Tocumwal Calif A-21SJA !!
Mike Burns and Ingo Renner
Owned by Mr Christopher Corrigan.. bought from Germany in 1995 after extensive re-building with parts from 5 Capronis making one whole sailplane.
Re-designated A21SJA in June 2000 fitted with a Microturbo TRS18-046-1 jet. This jet conversion differed significantly from the previous factory produced "Jet Capronis" with better takeoff performance and other improvements. VH-GCM is being used in the development of small jet engines aimed at self launching sailplanes and small sporting aircraft. That project is a joint project between Mr Corrigan and Aviation and General Engineering GCM is available for demonstration toany interested glider pilot visiting Australia.

Mike Burns  Proprietor Aviation and General Engineering - Tocumwal Australia

video on youtube: watch-v=9yuZ3UBuNoQ


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Hi George,

It is a pleasure make contact with other owner of this wonderful machine.
Since a long time, I was wondering if one day I would have this plane, now it is real.
I imagine how beatiful must be fliyng at the alps, if you have any pictures, send some please.
give the complete direction of the website, so I can insert the pictures and statement, at the site.
( i am with blue shirt), if you wish, be my guest and insert them.

Here are PT-PEK, with about 400 hours fliyed, and PT-PEJ (at maintence) .

Best regards,
Bruno Nogueira Rodrigues

D-6614 s/n .231
 SERRES  (France)   (von Klaus Ohlmann)
"Hallo Georg,
eine schöne Webpage hast Du da. Ich habe nichts dagegen, dass Du meinen Califen abbildest. Die Bilder sind allerdings von Claus-Dieter Zink. Er ist professioneller Fotograf und stellt diese Bilder zur Verfügung......
Liebe Grüsse  Klaus Ohlmann"  

weitere Bilder von Ohlmanns'Calif sind auf der Website von Claus Dieter Zink zu finden....

Lieber Klaus, ich hoffe dass dein weltbekanntes gelbes Stück wieder in die Luft kommt; wie sieht es damit aus?!?


 D-2194 s/n 229
was before I-CCCP

Il mio Calif è di stanza a Calcinate. 
Volare con il Calif, realmente si ha il piacere di sentire la felicità senzasionale del volo silenzioso,  potenziato dal piacere di essere seduti affiancati.


Steven Van Loven:  "In my oppinion the nicest Calif on the planet!!"

pictures: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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OE-5700 Sn. 253 1981
 Österreich  Spitzerberg (LOAS)  - Austria
Ein ganz originell bemalter Calif
Geflogen von Wolfgang Oppelmayer und Rudi Wenighofer


N9024U Sn. 236 1977
 Santa Clara California

also in a big aiport saoring is possible !
Pedro De La Serna.
Here's a nice pic with Dave Morss
G-CKNC Sn. 240 1977
 Lasham - UK
She is the only Calif registered in the UK. My wife Myriam (French) and I bought F-CEUE from the club at Vinon Sur Verdon in 2005. We both started gliding in 2003, and the Calif was the obvious choice as a sociable high performing 2 seater. 
This glider has 10000+ hours and 6500+ launches, and is combined from two Califs that Vinon originally bought in 1977, and which had sustained damage. She is flown most weeks during the season. 
We find her lovely in the air, but not so easy on the ground.

Lasham is probably the biggest gliding club in the world, with seven hundred members. It is open 364 days of the year, and the restaurant opens at 8 am every day. There are 7 professional instructors in the summer and 2 in thewinter, two winches and 5 tugs planes. We keep a static caravan at the airfield for accommodation, and we park the Calif rigged in all weather covers.

Jim Pritchard

Picture from final glide over the South Coast of England to the Isle of Wight. two launching grids during the national competition

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I-IVCB Sn. 251 1980
LUCCA - Tassignano ITALY
ti ringrazio per il pregevole tentativo di censire i Calif e ti invio alcune informazioni del mio Calif. 

Ho acquistato anni fa il Calif 21 marche dall Aeroclub di Padova e attualmente volo a Lucca Tassignano. 
Il velivolo è in perfette condizioni con circa 700 ore di volo (2008).

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D-6635 1978
Brandenburg - Deutschland - Germany
Im April 2001 habe ich das Flugzeug aus Venezuela von dem einzigen Segelflugverein des Landes Planeadores Altagracia C.A. gekauft und nach Deutschland geholt. Das Flugzeug hatte bis dahin 34 Stunden Flugzeit und 49 Landungen absolviert. Die Luftwaffe Venezuela hatte 1978 drei Calif A21S gekauft, von denen nur einer mit der Werk-Nr..: 245 vom venezolanischen Segelflugverein erworben wurde. Die anderen beiden Flugzeuge sind nicht mehr vorhanden. 
Die Fa. Gomolzig hat uns die Fahrwerkswarnung wieder in Betrieb gesetzt. Jeder Calif war damit ausgerüstet. Die Schaltung kann auch übermittelt werden.

Herzliche Grüße aus Brandenburg
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D-6616Sn. 2431978
EDPU  - Baden Württenberg - Bartholomä-Germany
von P.J. Becker (mit ca. 1300 Std.) nach Wanlo und nun zu Tim und Saskia nach Schwaikheim.

Er wird in großem Arbeitsaufwand auf Vordermann gebracht.


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D-0257Sn. 257GO1990
Segelfluggelände Radevormwald -Leye ⇒Website
After 13 year storaged in Tocumwal, the newest Calif 257GO assembled from Gomolzig late 1990 is back to Germany.
Jeroen Bakker found this glider and transfered to Europe 2014.
Peter Gomolzig and his Company checked the gilder, complet with Instrument and make ready to fly and now it is on the german register as D-0257


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N821SJs/n 220-
was before I-JETT
the first of the production Jets. Powered with a 100 KG thrust Microturbo, this aircraft was the airshow demonstrator for the factory. It was bought by Dick Reiser and imported into the USA. Mostly unused, it was brought to me ( Techsoar) for a complete rebuild. New fuel cell, paint in polyurethane ( all white at the moment), Microturbo inspection ( at the factory in France)and new "gommis" completed the project. I bought the aircraft several years ago, and have up-graded the instrument panel. The glider will probably be put up for sale soon, as I now own # 257, and cannot keep both.

Nick Leonard

a historical video here...

N821NL     s/n 257
This A21SJ StarShip was the last of the Jet Caproni aircraft produced by the factory. It was bought in 1984 by D. Reiser in the USA, and was flown in the Andes Expedition in 1986. Badly damaged in an offloading accident on the dock of Los Angeles, the ship was brought to me at Techsoar for a complete repair and upgrade. The project was completed 9 months later, now having new fuel cell, uprated (125 kg thrust TRS-18-056-1 engine), profiled wings, new polyurethane paint, landing gear components and so on. The ship was put into storage in 1993; I bought the aircraft from the estate in 2008 and have now finished refurbishing the bird for flight sometime this month (October 2008). Another fuel cell installed, "gommis" and soforth. I will upgrade the instrument panel soon, with LX computers and Dynon "glass" horizon instruments, as well as suitable transponder gear. I am looking forward to some true XC work with her!
Nick Leonard
To pay tribute to Mr. Carlo Ferrarin:
2 movies  -one of the original Jet A21SJ and a other of the C22 small jet.
PH-1126 s/n 250
Tapis Volant wich is French for flying carpet is a group of six glider pilots from Holland
The reason for our name is because of the name Calif, a Caliph is an oriental head of state with a turban and a waterpipe perhaps so the avarage guy who flies flying carpets.
The real reason for the name Calif is that it is a mixture of the constructors first names Carlo and Livio.
Anyway,in 1996 the idea was born to buy a Calif and in 1997 our syndicate was founded. Through internet several options where found and we bought the one for sale in Ferrara, Italy from the Aeroclub "Mario Naldini". Before this we had flown the demo Calif from Gomolzig Flugzeugbau in Schwelm (Germany) who can assemble 6 new Califs from all the parts he has.
And now after years of flying it we are still very happy with this extrordinary glider. That has proven to be at least speaking for myself the the ultimate in flying pleasure. Sure there are much better two seaters but it's worth a few L/D points to sit side by side. (compared to a Duo-Discus it is only 1,5 l/d points) And the reason for this page is that I discovered when looking for a Calif for sale that there was no source of information on it on the internet .
So I started and got good feedback on it and it was very usefull in exchanging experiences with other A21S pilots all over the world.       >Video<

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3A-MPV Sn.
 based in Fayence
older immatriculations I-CCPV and F-CGPV
I own the Calif 3A-MPV with a friend Michel Franchi. We were based in Fayence.
I would have liked to participate to your meeting next may.
But unfortunatly I crashed 3A-MPV in April 2007 in Challes les Eaux. The tow cable broke shortly after take off. I had no solution to land safely. Challes les Eaux airfield is  in town. :-(
The Calif is destroyed but we, my copilot and myself, were both safe.
The investigation about the crash is not over and I must justify the price of the Calif.

If you have any tracks of Calif transactions in the community that would help me. (mail)
 Modell scale 1:2-!!
Calif A21S J / I-JETT
Maßstab 1:2 

Das Modell wurde Maßstabgetreu nachgebaut!! Wie I-JETT von CAPRONI 
Gewicht 54.8 Kg 
28 Servos
Turbine Jet Cat P 180 Mit 200Nm Schub 
Jungfern-Flug in Toblach am 17-10-2009 Video vom Erstflug - video first takeoff.

Gruss Miki

Foto u. Verein.:

N-72312 Sn. 228
USA - South Carolina
I purchased Calif #228 from the original owner in 2010. I have since done a complete renovation, including paint, new instruments/panel and new Cobra trailer. The in flight picture was the center fold in Soaring Magazine, April 2013. My Calif now has 570 hours and is flying regularly from Bermuda High Soaring, Jefferson SC, U.S.A.
I highly recommend Alfred Spindelberger (Cobra Trailers) for the excellent custom built trailer, and IMI Gliding (Jan Kantor) for the great custom built rigging dolly. (2013)
Cockpit renovated

this glider has a new owner: it's now in Spartanburg, SC, nur ca. 2.5 Stunden von Bermuda High entfernt
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F-CJGM s/n 239 xxxx
FRANCE - Sisteron
was before: D-6615

beautiful painted Calif

 ist seit November 2012 in Sisteron stationiert. 

Ich bin der neue und stolze Besitzer.

Mit Fliegergruss

Erich von Känel


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Germany - Bad Wörishofen
was before: F-CIKE

F-CIKE flies again! but change the sign.
It was based in Romorantin, operated by French Air Force (FN). Then flying in South West of France in Nogaro.
Sincerely Jean-Luc Clavel 
Now it change to Germany....

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VH-GUB sn. 255 1996 (Gomolzig)
was before: D-6631
Number 255 is coming back to active duty at Southern Riverina Gliding Club! (2013)

After manufacturing in Germany back in 1996, our Calif had around 250 hours of flying at the factory during flight performances tests and then was sold to Australia. The glider arrived in Tocumwal, New South Wales and the plan was to get equipped with a Jet Turbine. S/N 255 was in storage until last year (2011)vand our club decided to purchase it. With enormous dedication of Mr Mike Burns and Mr Ingo Renner and also with big help of club members our Calif will be used by club members for advanced Cross Country training.
Riverina Gliding Club and Ingo Renner are the new owners. The new registration marks of D-6631 is now VH-GUB.

Stay tuned for more! A warm regards from DOWN UNDER,
Zack Lutovac

Der erste aus den übernommenen Caproni Teilen zusammen gebaute Calif. Er wurde an das Trio Calif nach Neuchatel geliefert, jedoch nach kurzer Zeit beschädigt, von uns wieder instandgesetzt und 2001 an Mike Burns mit Serial Nr GO256 zusammen nach Australien verkauft.
Peter Gomolzig (Flugzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH)

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D-2034sn. 234 -
neuer Calif aus Südafrika
- -
was before: ZS-GPM
Wir haben einen neuen Calif Eigentümer unter uns Freek's :

Diederik van der Pant (mail:
Diese Werk Nr. war in der von Caproni übergebenen Werk Nr. Liste aller ausgelieferten Calif ein unbekanntes Flugzeug nur mit dem Hinweis „ Cedar Farm LTD“ womit ich (Gomolzig)nichts anfangen konnte und keine Verbindung zu einem Califen herstellen konnte.
Im Herbst hat Diederik van de Pant erstmal sich an mich gewandt mit der Bitte für die Adresse von Jeroen. Diederik ist einer aus einer holländischen Haltergemeinschaft die bis jetzt einen Bergfalken betrieben haben der aber zerstört ist, und nun suchen sie was neues. Mit Jeroen kam die Truppe im Oktober nach Radevormwald zum probefliegen und waren begeistert.
Der Flieger tauche vor kurzem hier auf:
Auf der Home-Page von Magaliesburg findest du weiter info.
ZS-GPXsn. 216 -
Orient Airfield (near the town Magalies in Gauteng province) South Africa
I live in South Africa and have just bought a Caproni Calif, serial number 216.

This is the last remaining Caproni Calif in South Africa.
I will be restoring the aircraft over the rest of this year and will keep you posted as the work progresses. attached some photos to give an idea of the current state of the aircraft.
I am a member of Magalies Gliding Club (MGC) which is also stationed at Orient Airfield. You can find more information on the MGC website.
I will send new photos as the work progresses.
Regards, Attie Landman.

Von den nachstehenden Calif's habe ich nur erfahren dass sie existieren, 

wäre nett wenn die Besitzer ein paar Bilder sowie etwas dazu schreiben würden

The following Calif's told me only that they exist, but the owners until hav'nt contact me.... pity !

D-2110 s/n 


bitte um kontakt und ein kl. statement........



??? 198 1978

?? exist already ??

s/n 206
 USA - CA, Tehachapi,

sale in year 2005 owner mr Ray Williams. I sold May 2006 to San Antonio Texas. They had too much assembly help and some one tightened the (Bottom right wing pin) The right wing separated on lift off and destroyed the glider but saved the occupants.

SN 206 was my first Caproni and now the USAF TG-12. I sold it to the Boeing Co. and they used it on a flight test program for a missile seeker. The nose cone was replaced with a Radome and the seeker was mounted in front of the pilot. The USAF obtained the glider at the end of the program. They had it restored to original configuration upon returning it to Tehachapi. Soon to be retired to the USAF Museum at Edwards Air Force Base.glider during the 1980's.
It is currently in it's trailer at the Tehachapi Mountain Valley Airport where they conduct their glider training. It is scheduled to be installed into the museum later this year,


N2CG     s/n 209 1972
The Caproni in Stanton is located at the Hemet airport and is stored in a small hanger with rodent damage and probably no longer air worthy. 


Owned by the Mississippi Unif,MS,USA
   Is still in use to do airflow-testprograms. Sorry, it was lost last year when fog developed prior to landing and they hit a stump on landing.
?? S/N nr 221
Picture taken in Romorantin at the militairy base of L'armé de l'air.
The plane is there stattick expossed.( will never find a picture of this)
F-CHHFsn. 2181977
 based in  Aero club Les Ailes Dauphinoises at Cessieu ???
F-CEUCsn. ??1977 -
Vends CALIF CAPRONI A21S avec remorque
Gesamtstunden: 2450H Gesamtstarts: 1400
Année 1977 certificat d'immatriculation 17/04/86 FCEUC certificat de navigabilité ok 21/02/17
HT 2450 LT 1400
Flarm radio alti bille aiguille 3varios
Remorque type "original" de 1980
Basé et visible à St-GIRONS ANTICHAN
contact mail



would present your Calif  

mail to: georgts(at)


Note: The CALIF A-21S is not in list of Annex II aircraft. Annex-2 report
     This aircraft has a specific airworthniess specification by EASA - Der Calif A21S hat ein EASA Kennblatt Siehe Anhang EASA-A21S



Jene die beim Meeting 2012 teilgenommen haben, hatten den nun verstorbenen Testpiloten der Caproni kennengelernt. Er, als Hauptfigur der Experimental-abteilung von Caproni, hat die gesamten Typen vom Calif, sowie A21J ed A21SJ kollaudiert und zur Homologierung auch im Ausland gebracht. Wir sehen auch im Bild, er mit Bernhard Smith am Flugplatz von Washington.
Nostro amico Amleto Zanetti non c'é piú fra noi. Carlo Ferrarin come Ottavio Paolini, era molto amico di Zanetti. Lo ha conosciuto come capo officina della Aviamilano dove abbiamo costruito gli alianti A2 ed A3 da lui collaudati e portati all'omologazione. Quando nel 70 abbiamo inglobato Aviamilano in Caproni, Zanetti è diventato capo del reparto sperimentale e pilota collaudatore. Con lui abbiamo fatto il Calif e tutte le prove di volo per le omologazioni anche in altri Stati. Ha fatto tutti i voli di collaudo dell'A21J ed A21SJ Ed un giro propagandistico in USA.
Su una foto all'aeroporto di Washington con Bernard Smith.