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Calif - Meeting 2018 - Terlet-Nederlande
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10. Calif - Meeting 2018 at Terlet (NL)
from 9 to 16 June 2018.
Unfortunately, we could not find a week that suits everyone, but this week most people can come.
Link to the airfield         Aeroclub           EHTL - Koordinaten: E 05° 55.47' N 052° 03.43'

The Calif group is welcome on Terlet in 2018.

<= for bigger image, click into the map... Aviation map from Terlet

von StadtKM

Nun, wer kommt? - The follow friends come with glider:
1  D-2022 Steffen Schulz 
2  D-2267 Biggi u. Stephan Feltl  
3  D-6462 Andreas Buch 
4  D-6462 Thomas Buch 
5  D-6600 Peter Schreck 
6  F-CHPV Fred Dautreppe 
7  OO-YHD Steven van Loven 
8  PH Diederik van der Pant 
9  PH Robert Koffrie 
10  PH-1126 Han Vos 
11  PH-1126 Johan Hoogendoorn 
12  PH-1126 Koos Trom 
13  PH-1126 Martin Peters 
14  PH-1126 Robert Baars 
15  PH-1126 Ton Bakkenes (TV) 

without glider
.......... -----------------------

AgendaWe will provide this later.
Flying A towplane and winch will be available.
Within the CTR of Deelen, it is allowed to fly without transponder until 4500 feet MSL.
Unfortunately, outside the CTR you need a transponder in NL.
EatingWe will arrange for a welcome and goodbye dinner.
More information follows.
Sleeping A camping is available on the airfield with sufficient space for campers, tents.
Showers and toilets are available.
There are also a few hotels in the neighborhood:
  • Hotel Molendal
  • Postillion-hotel-arnhem
  • B&B owned by club member
  • Things to seeThere are many, many things to see in The Netherlands.
        Activities Terlet and surroundings and hotels.pdf : click here...
    A few examples:
  • Animal Park
  • Monkey Park
  • Musical Instruments Museum
  • Train Museum
  • Open Air Museum
  • Military Museum
  • Flight Museum

  • Two friends wrote me at last for an idea for a Calif-meeting 2019 ?:
    Dear all Calif Friends,
    I and the Aero Club's Novi Ligure - President Andrea Mogliazza would like to hostess here a further Calif-Meeting.
    The Club has a restaurant, has a big area to for parcking Caravans Roulottes etc.
    It is located 40 Km from Genova, the country side is famous for the wine and good food at low price.
    If there is not a good day to fly, You may go to the beach or to Gamble in Montecarlo Casino, is 1,5 H. from Milan. The Club have aerotow, Robin and Stinson L5, the President is willing to install also a swiming pool. More details for the air field will be available upon request. Best regards,
    Nino Paolini
    Liebe Freunde,
    Ich und der Präsident des Aeroclub "Novi Ligure" wären sehr erfreut wenn hier ein nächstes Calif-treffen stattfinden würde: alle sind herzlich willkommen.
    Am Platz ist ein Restaurant, groβe Parkfläche für Caravan, Camping sowie günstige Unterkünfte sind vorhanden. Auch ein Pool wird gebaut.
    Eine sehr interessante Position: nur 40km vom Genua entfernt. Tolle Sicht im Flug Berge und Meer. Von hier werden Streckenflüge nach Rieti gemacht. In 1,5 h erreicht man Mailand.
    Diese Gegend ist bekannt für guten Wein und italienische Küche zu ehrlichen Preisen.

    Lieben Gruβ
    Nino Paolini
    Hello Georg,

    Thanks for the Web-page.
    Really nice to see all these beautiful birds. I wonder, if we could make the next meeting in Serres.

    Best regards
    Klaus Ohlmann

    Eine schöne Woche in Ballenstedt ist wieder zu Ende gegangen. Die Erinnerungen leben weiter!!
    Und so einige Eindrücke von der Gegend und allerlei....
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    Mit einem herzlichem Dankeschön an Rainer und Yvonne